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If you're still taking character and pallet requests could you draw Armin Arlert in 4? Thanks.



A quick Armin doodle for this request. Sorry it took sooo long. 

Supposed to be my Dramatical Murder: Princess series but Clear looks like Princess freaking Peach and then I have Sailor fucking Noiz. How did that happen? *tear* 

Some merSousuki to fill my needs. Its about time he’s become one.  

Wow I haven’t sat down and actually drawn something in a long time. 


Another color palette thingy. Welcome to Centaur HS, where Jean is on the polo team and Marco is in the biology club. Enough said. 

Snk+centaur au.

I’m sorry I can only get to these on the weekend.

Color palette meme


Did it hurt when u fell from heaven Makoto? Because flip, your gonna be the death of me.

Another request. Not too fond of the yellow or maybe I didn’t use the colors right >.<  

color pallet meme


Been wanting to try this color pallet meme thingy. Here you go. The catch of the day.  

Merman/surfer au

color pallet meme

Bored at work again. Nurse shark Rin has a special place in my kokoro.

Rin: This wasn’t supposed to happen. I’m supposed to be a fierce predator of the deep!

Nurse shark study’s.

Really bored at work today.

Because Toudou is a Sleeping Beauty,

because Makishima is a Spiderman,

and because I am crazy enough to draw these two in crossover outfits. 

Maki-chan is gonna kill me.