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Because Toudou is a Sleeping Beauty,

because Makishima is a Spiderman,

and because I am crazy enough to draw these two in crossover outfits. 

Maki-chan is gonna kill me.

Anonymous whispered:

Says the moron hiding behind the anon icon. How pitiful. 

Look who’s gotten herself into now. That’s right! Its bicycle boys. I’ve been watching a lot of sports anime recently. 

That lizard boy Midousuji! I can just picture him doing Michael Jackson moves. 

Himura Tatsuya w/ dragon graffiti.

Great another WIP to add to my pile of WIP’s . I’m never gonna get things done to the way I want >A<

In celebration of the creation of mussel bum Makoto from Niuniente marine biology au, I have drawn something inappropriate XD No regrets.

Mako: Ur being overly affectionate today, Haru. What did u eat?

Haru: My precious mussel booty bum *rub rub rub*

Kagami Taiga & tiger friends

Another WIP of mine. I plan to spend time to make this one nice. At least poster quality. 

Rei-chan wip

Bishi Miracle Grow 

Mr. Lightningbolt with color

OMG the armor is not right DX Oh well its a new style for him.

My sketchy Raiden